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Max Bruinsma is an independent design critic, editor, curator, editorial designer and teacher. He was editor-in-chief of Eye, the international review of graphic design, in London, Items, the Dutch review of design and Iridescent, the ICOGRADA peer-reviewed online journal of design research. He studied art-, architecture- and design history in Groningen and Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Since 1985, his critical writings have featured regularly in art- and design journals world-wide(a.o. Eye, Idea, ID, Blueprint, The AIGA Journal, Étappes, Form). In 2003 his book 'Deep Sites, intelligent innovation in contemporary webdesign' was published by Thames & Hudson, in English and French editions. Bruinsma published and edited several books on (graphic and new media) design, and taught at numerous design schools in the Netherlands and abroad. Currently Bruinsma teaches at Camera Art, Lucerne School of Art and Design, Switzerland. He is also a research consultant for the Willem de Kooning Academy and RASL, Rotterdam. His latest book project is 'Design for the Good Society,' the final publication of the Utrecht Manifest biennial for Social Design, 2015.

In 2005, Max Bruinsma curated a major exhibition on the cultural significance of communication design, 'Catalysts!', for the ExperimentaDesign biennial in Lisbon. A guest lecturer on contemporary visual culture and design, Bruinsma has presented at countless academies and congresses throughout the world, including on-line courses and workshops. Besides his work as an art- and design critic and educator, he was a music editor and program maker for VPRO, the Dutch radio and television broadcasting organisation and an advisor on cultural affairs for a great variety of institutions. In 2005, Max Bruinsma received the Pierre Bayle Prize for Design Criticism.

Max Bruinsma's shortest definition of the design profession is: "Designers are cultural catalysts".

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