curriculum vitæ
miscellaneous activities


editorial advisor
Department of Educational Research and Development and ICT
Amsterdam University for Professional Education

editorial / concept advisor
Leidsche Rijn, urban development project,
City of Utrecht
development of a communication structure serving the implementation of urban-environmental art projects


Judge Charles Nypels Prize, Maastricht
Member advisory committee Visual Arts and Design,
Raad voor Cultuur (State Council for Cultural Affairs)
Member selection committee Individual Grants Design,
Fonds BKVB (State Fund for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture)


Exploding Cinema
Rotterdam Film Course
course on new digital video, with Mieke Gerritzen, presentations at 11 Dutch universities.
Organized by the International Film Festival, Rotterdam

Mode(s) d'Emploi
work by 14 young Dutch graphic designers who received a grant
Fonds BKVB, Amsterdam

Member selection committee Individual Grants Design,
Fonds BKVB (State Fund for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture)


judge D&AD Student Awards, Publication Design
judge STD Typographic Awards
judge British Environment & Media Awards
judge Multimedia Awards, cd-roms, Athens

Graphic Design - state of the art
interview by Rob Schröder, conversation with Steve Heller, work by a.o. Peter Girardi, IO360, Post Tool, Fuel
VPRO television, director: Rob Schröder


Rotterdam Design Prize
member nomination committee


Affiche Project [tutor]
with Rob Schröder, Armand Mevis, Marten Jongema. Workshop for post-graduate designers and artists on design and editorial aspects of poster design
Sandberg Instituut / Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam / Affiche magazine


Beeld tegen Beeld [co-curator]
exhibition Wild Plakken designers collective
Centraal Museum Utrecht


Rotterdam Design Prize
member nomination committee


Guest lecturer
Sound & Music for film and video
St.Joost Academie, Breda, audio-visual dept.

Guest lecturer/editor
Het Boek ('The Book')
graduate students' project on editorial and design aspects of books
Gerrit Rietveld Academie


Met andere ogen ('with other eyes')
7 broadcast tv-programs on contemporary Dutch visual arts
NOS-tv in collaboration with Openbaar Kunstbezit


Talking Back to the Media
art manifestation focussing on the relations between art and mass media.
[co-organiser; curator audio-art section (with Ulysses Carrión); editor & host live radio- and cable-tv broadcasts]
(Time Based Arts / Shaffy / Aorta / Kriterion / VPRO)

max bruinsma