curriculum vitæ
lectures, presentations, panels


The freedom of the designer [moderator]
presentations and debates
with (a.o.) Stefan Sagmeister, Chaz Maviyane Davies, Max Kisman, Lies Ros
-University of Amsterdam, May 23rd


Culture Catalysts [lecture]
-March 29th, Académie des Beaux Arts, Valence, FR
-April 26th, School of Design, George Brown University, Toronto, CA
-May 29th, Kunsthochschule Karlsruhe, Germany
-September 14th, Università di San Marino

Workshop 99 Months
-November 16th, Fabrica, Treviso, Italy


Pierre Bernard & Reza Abedini [introduction, conversation]
-December 10th, Studio Anthon Beeke, Amsterdam

Synergy between art and design [lecture]
-November 21st, St. Lucas Academy, Antwerpen, BE

Publieke Cultuur [debat]
-September 3rd, De Balie, Amsterdam


Culture Catalysts [lecture]
-November 18th, ISAD, Porto, Portugal
-November 28th, Brumen, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Culture Catalysts [panel, host]
Open Talks, ExperimentaDesign Biennale, Lisbon
-Sept. 15th
with: Jonathan Barnbrook, Garth Walker, Erik Adigard,
Petra Schmidt, Étienne Hervy

City Bytes [workshop]
Cumulus design education conference, IADE, Lisbon
with Erik Adigard
-May 23rd / 27th


"Language = Visual" [lecture]
AIGA Symposium 'Double Dutch',
-San Francisco, Los Angeles, July 20, 21

"Design and the Market" [debate]
-10 years Sandberg Instituut, Amsterdam, June 19

"High Vernacular" [lecture]
-Symposium 'The Midas Touch', Haus der Kunst, München, May 21

"Crossing Borders of Understanding" [lecture]
-ICOGRADA designweek, Sao Paulo, Brazil, April 29

Symposium Kunst in de Openbare Ruimte [moderation],
-Project Vivaldi, Zuidas Amsterdam, April 21


"Visual Power Show" [presentation, with Joes Koppers]
-Paradiso, Amsterdam, October 1

"Cultural Agency" [lecture]
-Experimentadesign Biennale, Lissbon, September 20

"Flag vs. Banner" [presentation, moderation]
-NAI, Rotterdam, September 4

"Deep Sites" [presentation]
book presentation 'Deep Sites',
-Waag, Amsterdam, April 17
-Artazart, Paris, May 15


Kunst. Openbaar. Ruimte. [lecture]
'Public Interference' symposium
-SKOR / NAI, november 2002

"Experience Design" [lecture, panel]
-BNO meeting, Amsterdam, August 29

"Culture Jamming" [moderator]
'Critical Design Discourses' series of debates
-De Balie, Amsterdam, June 13

Festival de l'affiche [panel]
-Chaumont, France, May 2

"Media Massage" [lecture, organization]
ArtEZ Digital Atelier congress
-Zwolle, Netherlands, April 19 / 20

Workshop and lecture at Vital design academy
-Tel Aviv, Israel, March 2 / 10


"Design as Critique" [moderator]
'Critical Design Discourses' series of debates
-De Balie, Amsterdam, December 6

"The Creative Meme" [panel]
'Strange & Charmed'  series of debates
-Royal College of Art, London, November 14

Designers are Authors [lecture]
-ICOGRADA congress, Johannesburg, South Africa, September 14

Experimenta Design Conference, Lissabon, Portugal, September 18

First Things First [lecture]
-VISUELT congress, Oslo, Norway, April 27

Visual essays - reading and writing graphic design [lecture]
-Cranbrook Academy, MI, USA, 28 February


Invloedszone / zone d'influence
2nd International Graphic Design Biennial, Quebec [host, moderator]
-Montreal, 18 / 22 October

First Things First 2000 [panel]
with Jay Chiat, Milton Glazer, Marlene McCarty, Naomi Klein, Kevin Lyons. Moderator: Andrea Codrington
-AIGA New York, Katie Murphy Amphitheatre, April 5


Design Beyond Design [panel]
with Jan van Toorn, Mieke Geritzen, Ole Bouwman, related to  presentation of Van Toorn's Design beyond design book.
-De Balie, Amsterdam

Idealism Sample Show [presentation]
short presentations by designers and others representing their views on idealism, related to publication of The World Must Change book
-De Balie, Amsterdam

Culture Wars [panel]
three-day congress of panel debates on 'Culture: dumbing down or wising up'. The 'grid locked' panel focussed on connecting new media design to audiences: testing or trusting?
-Congress, London

Typo'99 [lecture]
typographic conference themed 'image - text'. My address urged typographers to learn to love the web, in spite of coarse resolution
-Conference, Berlin

Onedotzero Festival [interview FUEL]
presentations of new work by video artists and designers on experimental digital video
-Festival, London

2nd International Browser day [panel]
new proposals for browsing the web, new attitudes to navigating infospace
-Conference, De Balie, Amsterdam 


Authoring for Digital and Traditional Media [lecture]
in digital media designers become co-authors and editors
-EMMA conference, Merz Academie, Stuttgart

CalArts graduate design program [lecture + crits]
design related to the information deluge
-Los Angeles

Digital Dialogues [idem]
-Art Centre College of Design, Pasadena

ATypI'98 [lecture]
the screen as typographically needy medium for reading
-conference, Lyon

New Dutch Design
-AIGA Washington & Baltimore Art School [lecture]

School of Visual Arts [lecture]
in conversation with Steve Heller, on editing Eye
-MFA Design, New York

Editorial Media [lecture, panel]
editorial aspects of multimedia
-Athens Film & Multimedia Festival

The Reader's Terms [presentation]
the virtues of print
-Jan van Eyck Academy, Maastricht

3 Decades of Dutch Posters [lecture]
-Groninger Museum


Object versus Pixels [panel moderator]
-two day conference on new relations between art and technology


Voorbij het object [moderator]
-series of 6 public debates on current developments in design.
(ITEMS, Rotterdamse Kunst Stichting & zaal De Unie, Rotterdam)


Official Anarchy
lectures on Dutch graphic design.
-Arnhem (HKA),
-Tokyo (GGG),
-New York (AIGA)
(Netherlands Design Institute)

max bruinsma