contents no.32 vol.8 summer 1999

2 Editorial
Style is content
Is there any use in overturning the existing hierarchies between verbal and visual form?
Max Bruinsma

6 Obituaries
Tibor Kalman 1949 - 1999 | P.Scott Makela 1960 - 1999
In a devastating week in May, American graphic design lost both Tibor Kalman and P.Scott Makela, two of its boldest, most original and celebrated designers
Rick Poynor

8 Agenda
Words Fail Us
Serious discussion of graphic design are still handicapped by a limited lexicon
Ian Noble / Russ Bestley

10 Reputations
Piet Schreuders
"The canon is irrelevant and transient. If you fight the canon you become a product of its system"
Interview by Max Bruinsma and Chris Vermaas

26 Portfolio
Mr Roughcut
or: how graphic designer Pablo Ferro learned to split the screen, cut the crap and tell the story (in the time it took to run the titles)
Steve Heller

34 Essay
E pluribus unum (my typographies 2)
An inquiry into myriad associations originating from this most abundantly occuring symbol in our writing: that fifth sign of our Roman ABC
Paul Elliman

40 Archive: Imaginary Cities (1971)
The designer as architect
When Donald Mall made his book about Italian architect Paolo Solieri, he uncannily projected a vision og 1990's typography in its most radical form
Rick Poynor

44 Profile
Dismantling the Basel principle
The freewheeling global agenda of Müller+Hess both destroys and revives the typographic traditions of their home town
Emily King

52 Visual Essay
The impossibility of neutrality
Seclusion is not an option in a global culture where information, money and images move mountains and ignore boundaries

56 Project
Script, type, data
In the Wiener Ausgabe, Michael Nedo translated Wittgenstein's wide-ranging and intertwined philosophical remarks into typographic form
Yvonne Schwemer-Scheddin

64 Project
Public Works
For the renovations at the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, Pierre Bernard devised a temporary system of signs and type to be hoisted high and crossed out
Ursula Held

66 history
Revolutionary language
Working in the UK and Portugal, Robin Fior has forged a sharp, critical approach informed by a sense of freedom and radical political commitment
Richard Hollis

81 Critique
Resurrected as chick revolutionary
After a millennium or two of powerfull religious images the Church may be loosing its grip.
Rick Poynor

82 Reviews
Animated and entertaining: AIGA conference on design for film & TV in New York; Vertigo in Glassgow; Chris Marker's Immemory on CD-ROM; Culture Wars - 'Dumbing down' and the elite that lost its nerve; Typographers and Erasmus; Robin Kinross reviews Der Raum des Buches and On Book Design; Mooi maar goed at the Stedelijk - good enough for Dutch graphic design?; Alexey Brodivitch; Anthropology comes first: Icograda seminar

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