Pierre Bayle Prize 2005

I was the proud recipient of the 2005 Pierre Bayle Prize for Design Criticism.
The jury, consisting of Maarten Asscher, Ole Bouman (chair), Lodewijk Brunt, Paul Kuypers and Renny Ramakers stated: "Bruinsma shows erudition and a clear vision on developments in design. But what makes his design critical work so unique is a double craft: he places design quality in a critical perspective, and cultivates critique as a personal way of designing."
For the Pierre Bayle Awards three persons from the arts are selected bi-annually who have "consistently and during many years written critiques on a literary level and who have thereby established themselves as authorities in their field". It was the second time since 1956 the award was given to a design critic.
The award was presented on December 21st, 2005, in the Rotterdam Town hall. Here's the jury rapport (dutch only) and my speech: (nederlands / english)

max bruinsma